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Making your
way clear_

CommArc is a New Zealand owned and operated company of IT and management specialists – all-round exceptional people based in Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Auckland. With our individual skills, talent and shared intent, we can help your business vision become a reality with the most up-to-date, secure and efficient IT solutions.


Think of us as
your outsourced IT

We keep business moving for clients in a range of industries, including law, accountancy, horticulture and manufacturing through what really shouldn't be a unique approach: great personal service as well as great services.

You deserve a positive experience, and it helps get a bang-up job done. So, from blue-sky techsperts, to the affable geeks on our support desk, to CEO, our relatable big thinkers put skin in the game to get you to your goals.

  • Expert guidance through experience
  • Listening and understanding
  • Solid support as well as know-how
  • Uplifting not upselling
  • What-if creative thinking and effective solutions
  • Transparency in all areas
  • Complimentary initial consultation
  • Reassuringly deep talent pool
  • Competitive pricing, tailored packages, standalone services
  • Best-of-breed technology and product innovation
  • 24/7 on-call support and well-resourced support desks
  • 60mins talk-time instead of the standard 15mins


Getting on with
business starts with
people you get on with.
We're your people_

CommArc’s collective of highly invested professionals, tech experts, systems analysts, security specialists, managed services executives and otherwise thoroughly approachable human beings are all on the same page. How can we help?

Jonn-Paul Lambie


As Chief Exec, JP sets strategy and direction, builds culture, maintains relationships and oversees operations. JP has been in the industry since 1993 working in technical and senior management positions, in both small and large business environments both here and overseas. These very diverse roles create a never ending landscape of problems, opportunities and solutions that drives CommArc to keep on its toes and provide world-class outcomes to our clients. On days off, JP can be found on a mountain bike, completing ‘the list’ provided on weekends by his wife, or showing signs of frustration on the golf course.

John Anisy

Head of Consulting

John heads the consulting team, ensuring our skilled consultants are working to fulfil your IT needs. John worked for 7 years in supporting a legal practice management system before joining CommArc. He operated as a systems consultant for Commarc for 10 years before becoming Head of Consulting seven years ago. John enjoys mentoring consultants, creating a culture of respect and determination to answer all of CommArc's clients' technical issues. Outside of CommArc, John enjoys hunting and a quiet refreshment after a successful day outdoors.

Anna perkins

Head of Managed Services

Anna Perkins heads up the Managed Services team, providing support across our managed service clients, ensuring that their day-to-day IT requirements run smoothly. Her role includes overseeing a team of IT firefighters whose tools put out any fires before you notice them. Anna has over 16 years in Telecommunications, 4 years in recruitment and client management, and has more recently moved into IT Service Delivery. Having worked for a myriad of clients – from large corporates down to the humble one-man-band, she understands how important it is to keep business rolling. Anna enjoys the challenges of working in a busy IT environment and the relationships she builds with her team and clients. Outside of CommArc, Anna enjoys going to the gym and being the oldest person at a rave.

Hector Wu

Systems Engineer

Jonty Bennett

Systems Engineer

Simon Daniel

Systems Architect

Theresa Thomas

Security Architect

Aaron Christensen

Network Architect

Chris Read

Systems Architect

Elliot Gell


Esther Cleave

Client Service Manager


Our strategic
partners ensure we
offer only the best_

Working with CommArc means all ease and no struggle. We partner with leading technology providers to bring you the full complement of IT products, services, specialist expertise and systems. Our accreditations and well-established relationships ensure seamless operations that give your business the advantage.



North to South
we've got you covered_

With 40+ invested professionals based in Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Queenstown, CommArc takes excellent care of the challenges, interests and successes of businesses of all sizes throughout New Zealand. Whether you're a burgeoning company or already an industry leader, we're here to help.