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For 25 years, we’ve helped all kinds of kiwi businesses get their IT and IT services spot-on.

With our IT services we design, implement, manage and support everything you need to make your business a success. Hardware, software, networks, hosting, advice – the lot. And we do it all with a winning mix of moxie, creativity and charm.


UserProtect: workstation anti-virus

Protect your individual users and workstations from viruses and malware


The internet and email are full of viruses and malware. Smart browsing and email habits and a good email filter can reduce your risk, but there’s always a chance the baddies will sneak through. A good anti-virus/anti-malware service is your last line of defence to prevent you losing data, money and time.

Benefits of UserProtect

  • Protects workstations against viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and Trojans

  • Less work for you: cloud hosted and managed by CommArc

  • Fast protection with virtual patches and hot fixes against the latest threats

  • Constantly learns, adapts and updates

  • Peace of mind for your staff: anti-virus icon sits in the task bar, allowing manual scans