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ServerDefence: server security

Server security for physical, virtual and cloud servers


ServerDefence is a cloud0based server security service. It protects your applications and data from ransomware (people locking your files and holding them for ransom), breaches and business disruptions in a very clever way.

Typically you need to get your servers patched to protect them from the latest threats. Sometimes those patches have to happen in a awful hurry, which can disrupt you from doing your work. And if you’re not quick enough, you could find yourself in trouble.

ServerDefence brings a more automated approach to guarding your servers.

Constantly on guard

It listens to all incoming and outgoing server traffic. It looks out for anything that signals an attack, including ransomware and over-the-network attacks.

Comes with out-of-the-box protection for more than 100 applications

Including database, web, email and FTP servers

On guard against even the latest threats

It’s constantly fed information about known and newly-discovered vulnerabilities. If it detects a new vulnerability pushes protection out to you and millions of other servers worldwide. You get immediate protection without the need for ad-hoc emergency patching.

Gives you better visibility and control and identifies malicious software accessing your network.

See what applications are accessing your network