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For 25 years, we’ve helped all kinds of kiwi businesses get their IT and IT services spot-on.

With our IT services we design, implement, manage and support everything you need to make your business a success. Hardware, software, networks, hosting, advice – the lot. And we do it all with a winning mix of moxie, creativity and charm.



Don’t take the bait when it comes to phishing scams


Your staff will probably only ever open one phishing email - it’s an experience nobody wants to repeat. We give your staff that experience without the threat to you, your business or your reputation. CommArc’s ScamProtect test delivers the lesson without the sting.

We craft a series of emails designed to look like phishing emails and send them to your staff

These have all the hallmarks of a scam email. A sender the recipient doesn’t know, an unsolicited link, spelling and formatting issues. They’re as convincing - or unconvincing - as a real scam email.

If they click on the unsolicited link, they’re led to a harmless website

The website is one created by CommArc, which explains what has happened. There’s no risk to the user or your systems.

We provide you with a full report of the results

Once the test period is up, we give you a full report : how many people opened the emails, how many and who clicked the links inside, examples of the emails we sent and recommendations to help your organisation respond to phishing emails better.

If you find your staff need a little more guidance about how to identify and treat phishing emails, we can and provide extra training and educational materials.

We can take your staff through optional training