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For 25 years, we’ve helped all kinds of kiwi businesses get their IT and IT services spot-on.

With our IT services we design, implement, manage and support everything you need to make your business a success. Hardware, software, networks, hosting, advice – the lot. And we do it all with a winning mix of moxie, creativity and charm.


CloudServer (server hosting)


With CloudServer, you can replace your on-premise servers with cloud-connected servers housed in our secure New Zealand data centres. Your office is connected to our data centre with a high-speed internet connection, linking you to your files, applications, printers and databases just as if they were kept in your office.

The power stays on

Our data centres have redundant power supplies with automatic generator fail-safes.

The internet stays on, so you stay connected

Internet is delivered by multiple providers via multiple internet routers. Automatic failover ensure that if something goes wrong, something else takes over.

Redundant physical servers take over if need be

Your server images will restart automatically on standby physical servers if a server fails.

We’ve designed every part of our cloud to keep your system working if something goes wrong. Your system is much more likely to stay online in the event of a disaster than it would if it was hosted in your own offices.

Protection from fire, flood, theft and vandalism

We backup your systems automatically so you don’t risk losing your data.

  • We back up each server in its entirety.

  • We backup daily to disk.

  • We store daily, weekly and monthly backups to tape and store these securely offsite.

  • We can restore individual files on request.

Automatic backup

Over time, your storage needs will increase. Rather than buying the storage capacity you’ll need in a few years’ time, you can just pay for what you use. When you need more storage, we provide it seamlessly - you don’t have to worry about the hardware and installation costs of a traditional server storage upgrade.

And when you want to refresh your system - for example, with a new operating system - you won’t have the hardware costs you’d have with an on-premise server. Hardware is often the biggest cost in a system refresh and the biggest source of delay.

We maintain and upgrade server hardware to keep it operating and an optimal lever. You’d on’t incur any additional costs for hardware replacement, repair or warranties.

Grow your systems as you need

We monitor our cloud hardware and networks every hour of every day, with a technician on call. If something goes wrong, we know about it right away, and we know what to do about it.

24/7 monitoring