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Send large files securely to clients and colleagues


CloudDrive is an online file sharing service designed for business - with a few extra benefits over email.

CloudDrive is built on Citrix ShareFile, used by more than 10 million individual users worldwide - including 99% of Fortune 500 companies.

Send files up to 10GB in size

Email limits you to attachments of a few megabytes. CloudDrive lets you share files up to 10G in size each.

You upload and send files via an Outlook plugin (Windows), a CloudDrive app (all common devices) or a web browser.

Send files securely

Files are uploaded and downloaded over secure, encrypted connections.

Special features

Revoke access to a file after sending: If you send to the wrong person, send the wrong file or need to change what you’ve sent, you can revoke access to the file at any time. From that point, the recipient won’t be able to see or access it - even if they’ve looked at it previously (unless they save the file to their device)

Encrypt the body of an email: CloudDrive attachments are encrypted automatically, but you can also choose to encrypt the email bod. You can also use it to just send an encrypted email, without attachments.

Require recipients to log in: If they’ve got a CloudDrive account, they’ll need to enter in a username and password to view the file or encrypted message - another way to make completely sure it’s just going to your intended recipient. If they don’t have a CloudDrive account, they’ll just need to set a password - it’s free for them.

You can set up an email notification to let you know when your recipient has accessed the file, giving you confirmation that they’ve looked at what you sent. CoudDrive also has full reporting options to show where files have been sent and when they’ve been accessed.

See when you recipient accesses the file

Some recipients give other people access to their inbox. It may be a colleague, an assistant or someone looking after their emails while they’re on holiday.

But you might want only that primary recipient to see what you send.

CloudDrive can ensure this happens. You can set up an account with the recipient so they need to log in before reading an encrypted message or accessing a file. For added security, you can enable two-factor authentication where they enter a unique code off their phone to confirm their identity.

It’s still really quick and easy, but it can give you both a lot more peace of mind.

Send so only your intended recipient can access it

Your clients might not have their own way of sending files securely. With CloudDrive you can send them a custom link where they can upload a file to you without ever having to create their own CloudDrive account.

Receive files securely