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For 25 years, we’ve helped all kinds of kiwi businesses get their IT and IT services spot-on.

With our IT services we design, implement, manage and support everything you need to make your business a success. Hardware, software, networks, hosting, advice – the lot. And we do it all with a winning mix of moxie, creativity and charm.

Cloud Services

New Zealand based and homed cloud services

Cloud Hosting and Services

Cloud computing is about accessing your data and applications over an internet connection, rather than from your own computer. It makes you more mobile, cuts down on your office infrastructure, saves you money and makes it easier to collaborate and share.



Take the server out of your office and choose our dedicated, private hosted server environment. Enterprise-grade servers, storage, software and backup.


Server co-location

Want to keep your own server? Cut down on space and infrastructure requirements by keeping it in one of our secure data centres in Auckland or Christchurch.



A simple backup solution with DR-level restores

What you get

Data sovereignty:

Your data remains secure in data centres in Christchurch and Auckland.

Full backup:

Your data will be safe if something goes wrong.

A fast system:

We ensure our clients get the best possible performance from their cloud investment.

Tailor-made services:

We work with you to understand your business objectives. Then we design a cloud arrangement which will support those objectives.


With full redundancy, if one data centre is affected at all, the other one will keep operating

Fully managed servers:

We look after the cloud servers, making sure they’re fully up to date.


Your data is as safe as it can reasonably be. Our servers are updated regularly to protect against electronic attack and our data centres are fortress-like.

Maximum return on your investment:

You get value for money with a system that will reduce your costs and let you work more efficiently.

Hassle-free changeover:

We take care of all the hard work to get you onto the cloud and running without a hitch.