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For 25 years, we’ve helped all kinds of kiwi businesses get their IT and IT services spot-on.

With our IT services we design, implement, manage and support everything you need to make your business a success. Hardware, software, networks, hosting, advice – the lot. And we do it all with a winning mix of moxie, creativity and charm.



CommArc’s full service business tech option at fixed monthly prices

BlockPlan Base

BlockPlan Base provides you with all the basic elements you need to keep your business ticking over, knowing that we’re here to help when you need it.

One hour of priority support from the CommArc Service Desk per issue, per month.

This is generally enough time to address and fix most minor and medium issues. We’re also making sure you get help when you need it, with extra hours for our BlockPlan subscribers. For you, our New Zealand service desk is open from 6.30am until 10pm Monday – Friday.

One free pager callout per month

Sometimes, things go pear shaped outside of normal working hours. When that happens, you need help and you need it fast. Our BlockPlan Base makes sure you have an emergency solution at your disposal, with one free pager call out per month.

Monitoring, management, support and automated patching of your systems, servers and workstations.

We keep every bit of your IT investment running at peak performance and protected against the latest cyber threats. Through remote monitoring of your individual workstations we can make sure there are no nasties getting into your system, and automated patching ensures you’re always up to date. Because our New Zealand service desk is keeping an eye on your systems, we’ll spot any issues and respond straight away if we have to. We also monitor your servers daily, covering backup logs, event logs, disk space and usage trends, CPU and memory usage and services - all those things that run in the background of your computer to keep it ticking over.

Our in-depth monthly external security scan highlights any weak spots around your internet and other external connections into your network and allows us to fix them before they become a problem.

External Defense – our monthly external security scans.

The last thing you want is one of your staff unwittingly clicking on a link in a bogus email that puts your system and your business at risk. Our annual phishing campaign keeps the risk of scam emails and how to deal with them at the top of your team’s mind. Our campaign tests your staff and we report back to you on the results. We can even follow up with training and advice if you need it.

ScamProtect – our phishing education campaign

This gives you an overview of all the work we’ve done all month: the number of jobs we’ve resolved including how long it took and how many are still outstanding, and what types of issues we’ve dealt with. These might include email and communications, hardware issues, printing problems or hiccups with business applications. You’ll soon see if there are trends or common factors that need to be sorted.

Monthly reporting on number of jobs resolved and types of issues dealt with.

Our team of tech experts will give your system a comprehensive check-up twice a year, making sure that everything is working as it should, identifying any maintenance issues before they become a problem and suggesting any improvements that will help you work smarter.

A site review every six months.

Our exclusive procurement and asset management service ensures you’re getting the products you need to run your business at the best possible price. We keep an eye on when registrations need to be renewed, we keep track of all your licenses. Our purchasing power and experience mean we get you the best possible pricing, reflected in our status status as a Veeam Platinum Service Provider, VMware Enterprise Service Provider, Microsoft Silver Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor - Silver, Citrix Service Provider Partner, Cisco Select Certified Partner and our Fortinet partnership.

Software procurement and asset management.

CommArc has more than 25 years’ experience in the IT industry. It would be rude to keep that sort of experience and knowledge all to ourselves, and so we host information evenings, seminars and networking events, and distribute a regular newsletter that gives you insider knowledge in simple, uncomplicated language. Because CommArc is an independent company, we’re not beholden to any one vendor or provider so our knowledge base is exceptionally broad. From product reviews, hot topic discussions, important technology updates and useful tips for using your tech every day, you’ll get priceless information right in your inbox or shared at one of our exclusive networking opportunities.

Opportunities to learn and benefit from your IT partners

BlockPlan Hours

BlockPlan hours are specially priced consulting time during normal business hours for our BlockPlan customers. Supplied in blocks of four hours, when BlockPlan Hours are combined with BlockPlan Base, it allows us to proactively support you and your system while you get the assurance of regular, predicted accounts. By partnering with us for at least four hours per month, we can identify and fix minor annoyances and then focus on improving and upgrading your systems.

You can purchase as many or as few blocks of consulting hours as you need. Each block invites a minimum term of three months, giving you surety of service and billing per quarter. The best thing about block hours is they’re cumulative. If you don’t use all your hours this month, they will roll into next month. Or you can ‘borrow’ from next month to bolster work this month. If you go too far under or over, we’ll let you know and we can have a chat about what we need to do to make sure you’re getting everything you need. It’s a great way for us to keep an eye on your system, and for you to keep an eye on your IT commitment.

BlockPlan vCIO

Our vCIO Block opens the door to intensive strategic planning with a virtual Chief Information Officer. A high-level addition to our BlockPlan, it’s an excellent opportunity to give your technology system a good clean up and sort out.